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Counselling, Psychotherapy & Therapeutic Courses

Stressful and anxiety-provoking events will always happen and we can’t do anything to stop them. But, we CAN do something about how we deal with, and respond to them. I work from an integrative stance, meaning that I am able to adopt a way of working which is personalised to each client. Group workshops teach essential skills to cope, manage and grow.



Consider counselling…
  • if you want to identify problems and then be encouraged to take positive steps to resolve these issues.
  • as it is the best course of therapeutic treatment for anyone who already has some understanding of well-being, and who has the potential to resolve problems.
  • if you need a short-term aid to facilitate behavioural change.

It’s time for change. If you would like to discuss how we could work together for you to move forward, please contact me. Once we will arrange a time to chat, you will then be offered a free consultation.

Integrative Psychotherapy


Integrative Psychotherapy…
  • can help with psychological problems that have built up over a long period.
  • will help you understand your feelings, thoughts and actions more clearly and objectively.
  • can help you become unstuck and move beyond worrying and stressful emotions, thoughts and feelings which hold you back, causing stress, anxiety and depression.
  • is a longer-term process of treatment that identifies and deepens awareness of the source and impact of the emotional difficulties, in order to reshape current thinking and habits.

It’s time for change. If you would like to discuss how we could work together for you to move forward, please contact me. Once we will arrange a time to chat, you will then be offered a free consultation.

Stress & Anxiety Reduction


This course is for anyone dealing with any kind of stress, anxiety or worrying thoughts whether related to or affecting work, relationships, the self or other aspects of life outside your personal control. It closely follows the principles of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy / Training ).

The course entails much shorter periods of mindfulness meditation. There will also be opportunities for group discussion, experiential activities, guided meditation, psychoeducation, stimulating metaphors and small group reflective sharing.

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Acceptance & Commitment Training (ACT)


Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) therapeutic intervention that combines behaviourism, positive psychology and mindfulness. The programme encourages you to make beneficial changes creating a ripple effect where taking action transfers from one particular context to another; home ↔︎ work ↔︎ relationships.

This course will provide you with useful tools. You will be guided to how to use the various approaches to foster real, lasting change.

ACT has been proven to successfully treat anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, eating disorders, PTSD and addictions.

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Mindfulness for well-being


The benefits of mindfulness are many and not limited to decreased stress, improved relationships, better general and mental health, improved job performance and decreased anxiety, depression, worry, and rumination.

The course runs over 6 weeks in the London Boroughs of Enfield and Barnet venues.

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Workplace Workshops

Focused, dedicated and happier teams at work – a state referred to as Flow. Flow essentially is the enjoyable yet highly effective state in which individuals achieve their best performance at work.

'SOAR' at Work


SOAR stands for Stress, Overthinking and Anxiety Reduction and is an at-work training programme that is scientifically proven to lessen symptoms of stress and anxiety while improving resilience, well-being, happiness and healthier life-styles. This, in turn, creates individuals who think, create and operate at improved levels.

Our training approach is based on a workplace training model where the key ideas and skills are explained using presentations, group tasks and experiential activities. Click to view the full programme information and syllabus.

Performance Coaching


Coaching supports leaders and employees alike. The coaching process enables clear, informed and decisive action leading to increased trust, respect, collaboration and open relationships, all which are indicative of teams who flourish and thrive towards innovation.

Action Learning is a technique used to solving real problems in groups or teams. It involves taking employees / members through a problem-solving process which creates purposeful actions to be completed. Within this cycle reflecting upon the results helps refine the problem-solving process, as well as the solutions which evolve from the team.

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I had my doubts being introduced to Mind Panacea by a friend. With some simple practice and subtle shifts in my thinking, my attitudes have changed which have improved my relationships beyond measure.

Miranda Jules

Director, Grafik Architecture


I always knew where I’d like to take my business. Lisa just helped me to remove the obstacles which I’d created which slowed my process. My vision became clearer and I set and achieved goals which I had created and others which Lisa helped me to clarify. Without this kind of challenge and her keen perspective I doubt I would not have at least one revenue stream which I have now created.

Steve Sadler
Executive Director, UKstem


I used to overthink every decision, now I notice how little I procrastinate; in favour of making decisive decisions without fear. I will always use the tools taught to me – there’s no way I can look back now.

Paria Chan
International wholesaler / Online Business Sales


The Coaching element of my experience has been the thing which has enabled me to embrace my role and deliver strategy and leadership with confidence, clarity and objectivity. I used to worry so much of my life away. Personally, I can truly say I have a clearer sense of purpose now, thanks to the SOAR programme.

Michelle Christiansen
Data Privacy and Governance – Subject Matter Expert


I’m not half as stressed as I used to be; this course has given me a initially new outlook – one of a happier, less tense life! Lisa is a true expert in her field.

Stephen Azille
IT Support Manager, Objectway Ltd


I run a busy organisation. I had put my team through the coaching; I have noticed more focus and ‘going the extra mile’. All report they are more satisfied and I have had increased retention. As such the impact has improved turnover!

Rebecca Cunningham
Director, Little Conkers Day Nursery


Lisa Crossman


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