Mindfulness for Well-Being & Internal Peace

Mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment, on purpose, without judgement. It is also about being aware of the mind itself to enable non-automatic, mindless choices and the potential for change.

Through mindfulness we avoid harming ourselves and others.

Shifting thoughts improves well-being, physical and mental health. The practice of mindfulness is now recognised and recommended in mainstream medicine to bring improvements in health, attitudes and behaviours. Cultivating and practicing mindfulness reduces stress and improves concentration at the workplace. Positivity at work improves performance and productivity.

6 Week Course Outline:

Week 1 – Mindful Breathing

Introduction to mindfulness – definitions & auto pilot.

Mindful check in –
where are you at?

Mindful practice:

My thoughts & feelings – I see you coming!

Week 2 – Mindful Body

When worry shows up – emotions and physiology.

Body scan – where tension shows up / relaxing within.

Mindful practice:

No need to worry – thinking positively.

Week 3 – Mindful Eating

Mindful eating – habitual eating or “are you really hungry?”

Breathing space: coping and gratitude.

Mindful practice:

I am enough; instilling confidence.

Week 4 – Mindful Emotions

Check in and discussion: the benefits of mindfulness.

Why does living mindfully work? Research and facts.

Mindful practice:

Letting go. Heartfulness & compassion.

Week 5 – Mindful Mind

The power of positive thought – mind reset.

Breathing space – breathing to cope, relax and notice.

Mindful practice:

Self- doubt & anxiety no more.

Week 6 – Mindful Beginnings

Mindfully connecting – integrating mindfulness holistically.

Mindful music – slowing down your thoughts.

Preparing to end and start again. (Daily practice and habitual mindfulness).

How to book

Courses are held across the London Borough of Enfield and Barnet.

Contact Lisa on 07540 772 975 or email