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Performance Coaching – Action Learning

Coaching supports leaders and employees alike. The coaching process enables clear, informed and decisive action leading to increased trust, respect, collaboration and open relationships, all which are indicative of teams who flourish and thrive towards innovation.

Action Learning is a technique used to solving real problems in groups or teams. It involves taking employees / members through a problem-solving process which creates purposeful actions to be completed. Within this cycle reflecting upon the results helps refine the problem-solving process, as well as the solutions which evolve from the team.

Performance Coaching - Action Learning

Typically, the action learning process involves…

  • identifying a problem that is important and critical and complex.
  • a diverse problem-solving team or “set”.
  • a process that stimulates curiosity, exploration, and reflection.
  • an acceptance that talk will translate into action and solutions.
  • that learning underpins the process.

Your performance coach will be responsible for facilitating the learning and guide the team to be self-managing. The new learning can be utilised across the business by the ‘set’ interacting outside of and creating additional positive relationships outside of the set.

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