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SOAR at Work

SOAR stands for Stress, Overthinking and Anxiety Reduction and is an at-work training programme that is scientifically proven to lessen symptoms of stress and anxiety while improving resilience, well-being, happiness and healthier life-styles. This, in turn, creates individuals who think, create and operate at improved levels.

The SOAR at work programme is based on Acceptance and Commitment Training, (ACT) is an intervention that combines behaviourism, positive psychology and mindfulness. ACT has proven to successfully treat anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, eating disorders, PTSD and addictions. The aim of ACT’s is to promote psychological flexibility; the ability to behave in a way that is consistent with one’s values even in the presence of aversive experiences (difficult thoughts, feelings, physical pain).

Our training approach is based on a workplace training model where the key ideas and skills are explained using presentations, group tasks and experiential activities.

4 Week Syllabus:

Week 1

Psychoeducation – support, education and tasks on the working mind.

Recognising auto pilot & gathering the scattered mind.

Challenging thoughts and creating actions.

Week 2

The difference between doing & being.

When thoughts or emotions hijack our experience, behaviour or work.

Defining actions and channeling desired behaviour.

Week 3

Mindfulness practice.

Constructing qualities to reflect values based behaviours.

Working with difficulties and maintaining productivity.

Week 4

Thought content versus the process of thought.

Values based clarification and definitive action.

Ways of responding to ourselves and our thoughts.

How to book

To sign up or discuss our transformational SOAR at Work programme, please complete the online contact form below detailing, how many employees are likely to participate, when you would like the training to begin and where your offices are located.

Once we receive this information one of our consultants will contact you to discuss the programme and answer any further questions you may have without obligation.