Stress and Anxiety Reduction Course

This course is for anyone dealing with any kind of stress, anxiety or worrying thoughts whether related to or affecting work, relationships, the self or other aspects of life outside your personal control. It closely follows the principles of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training).

ACT is a verified psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness activities together with commitment and behaviour-change strategies, to increase psychological flexibility.

The course entails…

  • short periods of mindfulness and guided meditation.
  • opportunities for group discussion and small group reflective sharing.
  • experiential activities, psychoeducation and stimulating metaphors.

The goal of ACT is to develop psychological flexibility; that is, holding our thoughts and emotions lightly, to enable a conscious choice of how we to react to the thoughts we have observed. As a process, ACT requires the practice of examining four key questions:

1. What do I value?
2. What takes me further away from, or closer to my values?
3. What action must I commit to which will push me closer to my values?
4. How do I sustain moving toward my values in the future?


How to book

Courses are held across the London Borough of Enfield and Barnet.

Contact Lisa on 07540 772 975 or email